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British Council Programmes

  • The school have won the most coveted International School Award from British Council for the year 2015-18. The programme in its length and breadth involved the teachers, students and parents. The school had enough scope for community out reach programme .The journey to ISA kept everyone feel connected and a fine thread binding all like a magic. Through the projects, students could learn about people of different countries ,of their cultures, understand, respect others cultures and values and become sensitive citizens. The projects helped in developing the skills needed to equip the students to face future challenges with the global perception. The projects also helped the teachers and the school as well to raise their standards with a global benchmark.
  • The school will be working for reaccreditation in the year 2017-18 with a fresh, upgraded action plan of excellence to march with ISA 2018-21.

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Affliated to CBSE,
New Delhi No. 1930413

2A Park Street, Thuraiyur,
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