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Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi No. 1930413


Primary Grade (I - V)

  • Moving from KG is a transition period where in utmost care should be taken without affecting the child's growth.
  • Creative and innovative methods are used by the trained teachers to makes class room learning joyful, fun filled and productive, facilitating them to be an involved learners in class.
  • Primary schooling gives the students ample opportunities to explore through stimulating learning environment. They discover their hidden talent and also get a sense of direction by the time they move up to secondary level.
  • Concept based learning is followed to discourage rote memory and surface learning. A deep learning with understanding to apply the concepts at appropriate situation is laid as the foundation for further learning.


  • Continuous and comprehensive Assessment through novelty, in group activities. catering to all types of learners.
  • Team work, promoting peer learning and team spirit concept based learning.
  • Concept papers at the end of each semester, Periodical assessment and suitable remedial measures are taken to make them strong in fundamentals.
  • Periodical OTBA (Open Text Book Assessment).
  • Creative and productive holiday homework.

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Affliated to CBSE,
New Delhi No. 1930413

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