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Middle and Secondary Grade (VI – X)

  • The curriculum chosen at secondary level allows teachers to buildup learning environment in the class room and outside. Uncovering the syllabus and exploring the printed resources in library, Internet, fieldtrips, group discussion, developing, learning communities and adopting 21st century style of learning at global standard helps the child to have a broad experience and prepare him / her to face challenges ahead. They also set their own learning style to become self learners.
  • Class projects and school projects are designed and action plans are drawn at the beginning of the year integrating the subjects taught in an interdisciplinary approach so that they relate to and connect meaningfully.
  • By the time the student is in IX he knows to stay focused on his goal to enhance his skills and maximize his score. When the student is in X, Higher Secondary level, he would be in a position to make well informed choices about his career as the child would be now a confident and responsible individual.


  • Participatory class room activities using 21st century pedagogy.
  • Concept based learning promoting deep learning.
  • Concept paper at the end of each semester for scientific diagnosis and remedy.
  • OTBA to discourage rote learning.
  • Career guidance program organized where in experts in the field will throw light on the present scenario and guide students accordingly to shape their future and career.
  • Sole technique and FLIPPED class technique to make students willing and participating learners.

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Affliated to CBSE,
New Delhi No. 1930413

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