Club Activities

Clubs are formed right from literary club, heritage club to thespian club. The students enroll themselves into club of their interest to hone their skills.Students take role as Managers, Secretary and committee members of club and plan their activities for the club period on Saturdays.

Extra Curricular Activities

One hour a week is devoted for children to develop a hobby or sport. Special coaches are involved in training children in Chess, Taekwondo, Vocal, Dance, Instrument, advance Yoga, Archery, Carrom, Origami, Glass painting etc.,

Social Responsibilities

Class Projects & School Projects

Here at Chellammal Vidyalaya, we believe in experiential learning, we involve students with class and school projects which are interdisciplinary nature to achieve holistic learning.


Each class will be involved in one project per semester. The subject teachers of the class plan together and integrate the lessons of various subjects taught,. A broader perception without putting subjects in water tight compartments is aimed. Students get to learn in a different way combining related lessons of various subjects.


The school received the ISA 2015-18 working on projects drafted in the action plan. Keeping with the practice, the school continues with school project which runs across subjects and class levels. This gives scope for more than curriculum experience, the freedom to grow, explore, research, collaborate, share and evolve. Some of the projects involve online debates, skype sessions, sharing in facebook, bringing internationalism and global perception in the curriculum.

Functions & Celebrations